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Clear Image Devices: X-Ray Patient Positioning Equipment

Improve lab productivity, increase patient safety and ensure imaging accuracy

Clear Image Devices radiographic imaging equipment

Easy to use accessories for optimal ultrasound or radiographic positioning

Clear Image Devices (CiD) is the imaging technologist’s answer to the challenge of optimal patient positioning for medical x-ray imaging. We engineer and build the highest quality radiographic positioning equipment specifically designed to enable accurate medical imaging results and protect imaging panels from costly damage.

Patient positioning devices:

  • Pedia Poser™ Pediatric Positioning Chair: provides fast, gentle, and secure immobilization of infants through 4-year olds for X-ray imaging. More →
  • 1-Step, 2-Step, and 3-Step Positioning Platform: permits efficient and accurate x-rays of knee, feet, ankles, and the lower leg. More →
  • 2-Step Platform for C-ARM DR Systems: permits patients to be positioned over a variety of C-arm digital radiography systems, including those made by Swissray, IMIX, IDC and others. More →
  • Custom Patient Positioning Devices: our project engineers work with you to create a device specification to meet your particular requirements. More →

Panel protection devices:

  • CR Cassette Protector for weight-bearing X-Ray: permits efficient and accurate weight-bearing X-rays of feet (AP view) while protecting CR cassettes for fewer worries.   More →
  • DR Panel Protector for weight-bearing X-Ray: allows patients to step safely onto the DR Panel Protector with as much weight as needed for weight-bearing imaging.   More →


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  • New Patient Positioning Platform for Canon CXDI 50G Digital Imaging System - Canon CXDI-50G DR Panel - ANN ARBOR, MI: Clear Image Devices LLC, (CiD), announces the release of a new version of its popular 2-Step Positioning Platform made for use with the Canon CXDI 50G portable X-Ray platform. Price: $2250. - The unique design of the 2-Step Positioning... More →
  • Siemens Medical Solutions to resell DR Panel Protector - Siemens YSIO System - ANN ARBOR, MI: Clear Image Devices, (CiD) and Siemens Medical Solutions have reached an agreement to provide CiD’s DR Panel Protector to each of Siemens new YSIO imaging systems’ customers. Under this agreement Siemens will bundle CiD’s Digital... More →
  • New 2-Step Platform for C-Arm DR Systems - C-Arm X-Ray Platform - ANN ARBOR, MI: Clear Image Devices LLC (CiD) announces the release of a new product, a 2-Step Platform for use with C-Arm Digital Radiography systems. The 2-Step Platform for C-Arm Systems enables imaging technicians to place the patient in the optimal... More →
  • New DR Panel Protector for Portable DR Systems - ANN ARBOR, MI: Clear Image Devices LLC (CiD) announces the release of a new product designed to protect portable DR panels from damage while doing standing weight-bearing images of the feet. Price: $940. - The DR Panel Protector is designed to work with most DR systems including... More →